My husband and I went to this same conference last Fall (2007). Afterwards, we did what we should have done before getting involved...we researched it online. (The Florida Better Business Bureau has had as many as 87 complaints on file for National Grants Conferences. The company is rated an F, the worst a company can get, by the BBB.) We found there was a lawsuit in Vermont for which NGC was found guilte of fraud. Here are a couple sites to go to:



We'd emailed the HQ of the hotel our local 'conference' was held and were told they'd look into the matter. We got the impression they were interested in protecting the public from this scam operation. Well, apparently not...they recently held another conference at the same hotel we gone to.

Everyone should complain to the location where this initial seminar (lure) took place, as well as where the 'conference' was. Maybe, just maybe, someone will actually take notice! If you find out about one taking place, take copies of the reports I've listed here and hand them out! Notify the local media! Shut these scammers down!!

The head company's are actually Proven Methods Seminars, LLC, of Boca Raton, Florida, and Proven Methods Customer Service, LLC, of Rochester, New York, doing business together as National Grants Conferences. Our conference leader even gave subtle hints that would lead one to believe he was a Christian - which of course impressed us...how could a true Christian knowingly scam others? Well, he did...and I pray God will thump him upside the head and wake him up! These folks are nothing more than 'professional speakers', whatever THAT is!

We demanded, and got, a refund. We'd lost an entire weekend to this fraud and even gave up our Sunday church time...big mistake. But God blessed us with the ability to look further into it, and get our money back. They didn't even want their expensive (to us) material back...gee, does that tell you how 'valuable' their books, etc., are?

I can't help but wish I'd gotten names and phone numbers of other attenders...especially those who were conned into getting the max increased on their credit card so they could 'afford' the additional 'offers' they enticed you with on the second day. I feel so badly for those who said they were facing foreclosures, bankrupcies, etc., that got taken in.

This company needs to be shut down completely!! If enough people get on the bandwagon demanding a refund, filing lawsuits, etc., maybe this can be accomplished!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1185536

May The Lord Forgive them

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1174056

I was also scammed and would like who to contact for my refund thank you.


Dear friends, I too was duped into giving them over $1,000 and they did not help me at all. I went to try to learn more to get a grant for Fathers Against Drunk Driving, I went with an open and honest heart to continue to make a positive impact, build relationships with others and continue to raise awareness on the dangers of drinkin and driving.

Can you give me more info on obtaining a refund? Our FADD email is faddintl@gmail.com, our phone number is (559)756-7148.

Thank you and God bless you for this new information. Hope to hear from a decision maker soon.


I was also scammed would like more info on who to contact to demand refund


Those NGC books are just a copy of what you can find for FREE online and are outdated in many instances. We too got into this scam by believing they would truly assist you with GRANTS!!

NOT TRUE!! No one from NGC will return phone calls or emails, will NOT review your plans and presentations for correctness. Am looking for a full refund and putting together a class action suit from Indiana.

I pray we are able to stop this from continuing hurting so many more innocent people. All my searching prior to spending any money did NOT reveal them as the blood sucking scammers they are.


I’m NOT an employee, I went to the conference and was very skeptical, but I didn’t have a lot of options left and decided to take a leap of faith. I was seeking some help to update my house.

As a single mom, it can be very difficult to keep up with repairs. After about four months of weekly sessions with my grants counselor, I received a weatherization grant. They didn’t tell me a dollar amount, but all my windows and doors were replaced, my sinks and shower heads were updated, and all new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were installed in my house.

They are also installing a digital thermostat which I am very excited about. It didn’t happen overnight, but between the support and education from the grants team and my diligence, I was able to make my home a safer and less expensive place to live.


I have been scammed too! How did ou go about getting a refund?

Cliffside, Ontario, Canada #25903

just attended a conference/ seminar 07 -26-27-08

here in so. fla. all these young kids and young

entrapeuneurs were there to get help with their businesses

and their ideas.

and the old guy(who we locals call: hairpiece)

just beat everyone down with how to buy realestate

like he did even in feorign countries. that was how to get financial freedom.. i almost forgot HE TOLD EVERYONE THAT THE BOOKS THEY BOUGHT WE DONT EVEN USE ANYMORE . SO DON'T EVEN GET THEM OUT.


ON FORECLOSURES by buying appartment buildings. is where the moneyis especially if you buy his software.

Although at this point i could not afford another two thousand on software. I'd like to get my hands on the businessplan software just so i could be 1000% sure thanx aaalex

ps if anyone knows any one that would like to unloadxjjjixcccc

Alma Center, Wisconsin, United States #23189

In response to whether the books have any useful information...maybe...probably...but most of it seemed to pertain to the real estate deals which we were not interested in. Our interest in the grants was with regard to specialty business grants regarding alternative energy, so we haven't really given it much thought.

I haven't started using the paper to start BBQ fires with yet, so maybe I'll drag them out and see if there's anything I can glean! For the most part, NGC wants you to use their 'resources'.

We were so PO'd at being scammed, I haven't cared much about the books. If I feel something out of any of the books is useful, I'll be sure to post it here!

Stockdale, Texas, United States #23040

Thanks for posting that info. I almost got sucked into their little scam.

I was just wondering from you if the books that you still have had any useful information in them and were they helpful to you? Thank you , Deanna

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